Tips for Long-lasting Art

Caring for your Stephanie Garfield Giclée Prints

Unboxing and Preparing Your Giclée Print for Display

Your Stephanie Garfield Designs Giclée print will arrive carefully rolled in a tube for safe transportation. To ensure its longevity and preserve its beauty, follow these gentle steps to unroll, flatten, and prepare your print for display.

    • Carefully remove the print from the tube:
      • As soon as possible after receiving your print, gently remove it from the tube, taking care to avoid creasing or damaging the print.
    • Handle your print with clean hands or cotton gloves:
      • Wear clean cotton gloves when handling the print, or wash your hands thoroughly to remove any oils.
      • Hold the print by the edges or the white border, if applicable, avoiding contact with the printed surface.
    • Uncurl and flatten the print:
      • Lay the print on a clean, flat surface away from direct sunlight, keeping the protective tissue in place.
      • Place a book or another heavy object on both ends of the print and leave it overnight to flatten.
    • Frame your print:
      • Once your print is flat, you can proceed to frame it, ensuring that you continue to handle it with care.


    How long can you expect your Giclée print to last?

    Giclée prints are celebrated for their impressive lifespan, particularly when cared for with attention and diligence. The fusion of top-tier materials and cutting-edge printing techniques enables a Giclée print to endure for more than a century. When displayed and stored under ideal conditions, your treasured Stephanie Garfield Designs Giclée print has the potential to retain its color vibrancy and structural integrity for up to 200 years.

    Naturally, factors such as light exposure, temperature, and humidity can impact the actual lifespan of your print. By adhering to the provided care guidelines and safeguarding your print, you can relish in the enchanting allure of your Giclée print for generations. Embrace the enduring artistry of Stephanie Garfield Designs and revel in a timeless masterpiece.


    Please note: The customer is responsible for the condition of the print upon receiving the parcel and during the return shipping process. By following these instructions, you'll be able to enjoy the captivating beauty of your Stephanie Garfield Designs Giclée print for years to come.